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  Nanjing Lvling Seed Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, a private technology enterprise which sets integration of crop seed breeding, propagation, and popularization, with registered capital of 15 million yuan, and mainly produces and sales various seeds with Lvling brand.  After more than ten years of development, it has established a scientific research and production team with strong technology power, and a set of strict breeding system, and it has total 250 acres of breeding and test base for new varieties, 15000 acres of good breeding base, 5000 square meters of seed warehou……
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  • Cuitian 618--corn

    Cuitian 618


      super sweet corn, plant height 200-210 cm, ear position height 80-85 cm, barrel typed ear, white axis, yellow grain, ear length 20-22 cm, ear thickness 5.1-5.2 cm, each fresh ear weighing more than 500 g.

  • Aimeite--cowpea



      Mid-early precocious pea breed, medium size blade, dark green leaves, hard pod, green commercial pod, pod 70-75 cm long, thick and full flesh, the kernels are not exposed. The yield of per mu amounts to 4000 kg or more with suitable temperature.

  • Lingxian 188--Melon

    Lingxian 188


      Precocious breed, it costs the flowers nearly 28 days to become mature. In general, a single fructification weighs 8-10 kg. The fructification is round, and the peel presents like strips in dark green and black regularly. The appearance is nice and the flesh is scarlet, which tastes crispy and sweet. The juice is much and the flavor is thick, and the gradient is small, the sugar content of the core is 14. It can withstand low temperature and dim light. It resists fruit cracking. The peel is thin and has good resistance. It also has a good commodity. The per mu yield is more than 5000 kg.

  • Green Cabbage No. 1--cabbage

    Green Cabbage No. 1


      Identification Number: Sujian Cabbage 201508

      Mid maturity. The period from sowing in autumn to harvest lasts for nearly 65 days. The plant can expand to nearly 65cm, and it is 30 cm tall. There are 13 external leaves. The ball is compacted and round. It tastes crispy and tender, and a little sweet. The single ball weighs 1.5 kg.

  • Taiwan Pearl Jade--Bean

    Taiwan Pearl Jade


      It has no sinew or fiber when it grows from podding to maturity. The bean is thick and is nearly 20cm long. The tender pod is light green, and its shape is like a pole. The period from sowing to harvest lasts for nearly 55 days. The per mu yield is 2500-3000 kg.

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